Monday, January 26, 2009

How Much Is To Much?

The silly season that is the period of time between the All Star break and the NHL trade deadline is now upon us. It's a time of year that seems to make fans either very happy or really mad. I guess that all depends on if you like discussing the what ifs of life or if your just a facts and figures type of person. I happen to be on the side of the what ifs of life. In fact I may just be a speculation junky. I could care less if a rumor is true or not, or if an offer was really made, or even if the trade ever happens, I just like talking about it. Finding out what value people put on hockey players, who they would trade, and for who or what is all very interesting to me. If you can make up a trade that even makes sense from both teams perspective, you will have me hook, line, and sinker into the conversation. This years trade bait conversations have not only been a plenty, but meaty as well. Attention getting names have been included in more then one report including Vincent Lecavalier, Daniel Briere, Chris Pronger, Thomas Kaberle, and Jay Bouwmeester. When you start talking about talants like this you know the asking price, if the player is to be traded, will be high. The question that brings to the table is how much is to much?

Two teams linked to speculated offers for Vincent Lecavalier are the Montreal Canadians and most recently the Edmonton Oilers. In the Canadiens case it was said that the package they offered was something like Tomas Plekanec, Chris Higgins, Josh Gorges, prospect PK Subban, and a package of draft picks including more than one first-round pick going to Tampa. Other rumors have combinations of the mentioned players and picks with Mike Komisarek or goalie Carry Price. The Oilers so called package was reported to be three roster players, two prospects, two No. 1 picks, and a third-rounder. No matter what way you slice things both teams are parting with a ton of talent and future if either of those trades where to happen. In both cases I'm not even sure that the value returned in the super star player that Lecavalier is, makes for a good trade. In these two examples, your talking about teams that are in the playoffs as of today. Does it makes sense to make such a massive overhaul when the team is already having some success? I'm not convinced. In fact, I think if either the Candiens or Oilers made those trades they would step back in the short term, which means they better have a hell of a long term plan to build the team around Lecavalier during his age 31-35, because after that only God knows how things go in Vinny's career.

The lure of the ultra high end player is very strong. Do I wish, as a fan, Briere, Bouwmeester, or Lecavalier was on my favorite hockey team? Of course I do. I'm just not sure I'm willing to sell off so much to get these players that my team has to rebuild, even a little bit, to hopefully be a better team in the future. I think holding out for a team to get in contract trouble, or rolling the dice in the UFA market may be the better plan. Or better yet, have some faith and patience with the team you already have if they are challenging for a playoff spot.

Then again, this is just a damned opinion.

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