Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Stanly Cup Finals

The Eastern and Western conference games have ended, with both Detroit and Pittsburgh yet again hoisting their respectable cups into the air. For the second time around, Detroit and Pittsburgh will tough it out and see who will be the Stanly Cup Champions.

Chi/Det: As these two came down to game 5, with Chicago trailing 3-1, it seemed something sparked within the Blackhawk team. Huet pulled off an amazing 44 blocked shots, 21 of them in the first period alone. Then, in the third period, Dan Cleary scored a Detroit goal, getting past Huet and Detroit taking the lead 1-0. With eight minutes or so to go, Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks scored a goal to tie the game up, and let it slide to a OT game. After only a few minutes into the OT, Darren Helm got a rebound goal to slide past Huet, and gave the Detroit Redwings the win they needed to move on to the Stanly Cup Finals.

Car/Pit: Carolina gave up the series 4-0, a clear sweep by Pittsburgh. Out of the four games, Pittsburgh scored 20 goals compared to the Carolina 9. Carolina coaches were upset with the sweep, but didn’t blame anything and just accepted it. Pittsburgh, as the Eastern Conference Champions, will go to Detroit for the first game of the Stanly Cup.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

End of times?

As Detroit and Pittsburgh prepare themselves for their upcoming road trips, we have to wonder if this will continue for the rest of the series or will it be the end of time for both Chicago and Carolina? Both series falling down to 2-0, Carolina and Chicago need to get win at home or face the long shame home for giving up the series.

Chi/Det Game 2: Toews stepped his game up and got Chicago back into the game before letting Detriot get a OT score and game winner. Chris Osgood blocked 37 for 39 shots and The Bulin Wall blocked 35 of 38. Brian Rafalski and Dan Cleary got the regulation scores to tie up the game at 2, but it was Mikael Samuelsson, who finished off a 3-on-1 at 5:14 of overtime to give the Wings a 3-2 win over Chicago. Detroit ends up taking the 2-0 series lead over Chicago and making the Hawks climb a even steeper hill to get close to their victory.

Car/Pit Game 2: In a back and forth battle of a game, Carolina and Pittsburgh continue to tredge through the mud to win this game, but the end victory was given to Pittsburgh, thanks to Evgeni Malkin’s hat trick. Carolina broke off at the start of the game, gaining a 3-2 lead in the first period thanks to goals made by Chad Larose, Jussi Jokinen, and Dennis Seidenberg. Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin kept the Penguins in the water with two points in the period. As the second period started, the game picked right back up where they left it off but, this time the Penguins scored the only two goals in the second period with a goal by Maxime Talbot and Chris Kunitz, making the game 3-4 in Pittsburgh’s favor. Patrick Eaves came out after two minutes in the third and got the next Carolina score, making the game 4-4 even. Then something happened to Evgeni Malkin, as he went on to score two more goals and backed up by Tyler Kennedy, who got another goal in the third period, and gave the Penguins a 4-7 win over Carolina and a 2-0 series lead.

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GAME 3: PIT @ CAR, SAT MAY 23, 7:30PM

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Phoenix Coyotes Arena sits in Glendale, Arizona. This is the home to the bankrupt NHL team of the Phoenix Coyotes. Recently they have come under much heated debate and struggle as Jim Balsillie tries to buy the team to move it up to Canada for their 7th team.

For many Phoenix Coyote fans today marked as the beginning or end for their team. After the two sides entered the court room and fought with their words flying across the room back and forth, Judge Redfield T. Baum decided to throw the case into meditation, which means the sides are resolving the ownership and potential sale of the franchise and bringing it back to Judge Baum by May 27th.

Personally I didn’t fully understand what this meant and if you are like me, refer to this thread on The NHL Arena site.

If you feel you need to support Gary Bettman and the NHL trying to save the Coyotes and have them stay in Phoenix, refer to The Save the Coyotes Coalition Thread on The NHL Arena and show your support by signing the petition or joining one of their many groups, or even donating money!

If you wish to argue your points or ideas, go to Coyotes vs Jim Balsillie