Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Stanly Cup Finals

The Eastern and Western conference games have ended, with both Detroit and Pittsburgh yet again hoisting their respectable cups into the air. For the second time around, Detroit and Pittsburgh will tough it out and see who will be the Stanly Cup Champions.

Chi/Det: As these two came down to game 5, with Chicago trailing 3-1, it seemed something sparked within the Blackhawk team. Huet pulled off an amazing 44 blocked shots, 21 of them in the first period alone. Then, in the third period, Dan Cleary scored a Detroit goal, getting past Huet and Detroit taking the lead 1-0. With eight minutes or so to go, Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks scored a goal to tie the game up, and let it slide to a OT game. After only a few minutes into the OT, Darren Helm got a rebound goal to slide past Huet, and gave the Detroit Redwings the win they needed to move on to the Stanly Cup Finals.

Car/Pit: Carolina gave up the series 4-0, a clear sweep by Pittsburgh. Out of the four games, Pittsburgh scored 20 goals compared to the Carolina 9. Carolina coaches were upset with the sweep, but didn’t blame anything and just accepted it. Pittsburgh, as the Eastern Conference Champions, will go to Detroit for the first game of the Stanly Cup.

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GAME 1: May 30 @ DET, 8pm

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damned said...

Good job on these blogs so far sir, keep it up!

Stevens8204 said...

Nice read. So who do you have winning the Stanley Cup?

Foehammer007 said...

Me, personally I have Detroit going to win, though I'd love to see a Penguin upset!